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Who We Are

GCW are specialists in water pipe chlorination disinfection and water quality analysis throughout South West England.

Offering over 30 years experience in the utility industry, GCW can provide chlorination and analysis services and certificates to help you restore and maintain high water quality.

We have branches in both Cornwall and Devon, to discuss your requirements call GCW on 07548 285 811.

GCW Services Include but not limited to:

New Water Pipe Chlorination / Disinfection

For new mains water pipes over 50 metres in length or a pipe with an internal diameter greater than 50mm.

Existing Mains Pipe Chlorination / Disinfection

For existing pipes that have been left open ended or become contaminated or where a system has not been in regular use.

Chlorination Certificates

Your local water utility company will require a chlorination certificate before a new pipe is connected to a mains water supply. GCW can provide the required certificate

Legionella Risk Assessments

The HSE L8 requires organisations and commercial building owners of whom have installed hot and cold water systems, should consider the risks from Legionella by carrying out a risk assessment.

Legionella Treament –  Chorination / Disinfection

Chlorination and disinfection services for pipework and systems that have been diagnosed as a high risk of Legionella.

Leak Detection

GCW use a combination of traditional and latest technology to detect leaks including ground mics.

Leak Repairs

GCW can carry out spot repairs or full replacement of the services pipe. We use underground moling techniques where possible for trenchless repairs.

Contact us for free friendly advice and to discuss your requirements or the services we offer.

Full South West and South Central England Coverage

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GCW Services

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